7th Ministerial Conference of VASAB, MSP workshop

Vilnius, Lithuania 15th October 2009

On 16th October 2009 the 7th Ministerial Conference of VASAB will introduce the Long Term Perspective for the Territorial Development of the Baltic Sea Region.
Maritime spatial planning will be another important theme of the conference, therefore a workshop dedicated solely to this subject will be held back-to-back on 15th October. Its goal is to propose future steps towards development of MSP in the BSR in dialogue with experts and stakeholders, as well as to define the future role of VASAB as promoter and knowledge base of MSP in the Region. 

Questions foreseen for discussion are:
  1. What is Maritime Spatial Planning in comparison with terrestrial spatial planning? 
  2. Where we are with development of the legislative basis of MSP in the Baltic? What would be the priority tasks and optimal timeline to build such basis?
  3. Which the most urgent knowledge needs is with regard to the MSP? Which instruments of filling these gaps would be the most useful? How to achieve the most efficient science-policy bridging with regards the MSP?
  4. How the Baltic MSP development would complement and benefit of the EU process? What would be the European-level added value of this development?
  5. How to achieve the best synergy between the Baltic MSP and ecosystem approach to management of the sea-related human activities?
The concluding panel discussion will try to formulate the key messages to the high political level. Draft proposal of the key messages will be provided to the participants in advance. Outcome of the workshop will be reported to the VASAB Ministerial Conference on the next day.

BaltSeaPlan will actively contribute to the workshop.