EfficienSea Final Event

Tallinn, Estonia, 21st-22nd September 2011

The EfficienSea project started in January 2009. Now almost three years have passed but in September there are still four months left of the project and we call for fresh input and focus in order to make the most out of the project. Project external guests to the conference are welcome to take part of results, influence the remaining work, and share the task to carry on the results to 2012 and beyond.

On the 21 of September, the respective themes of the project:
  • Recruitment and Competences
  • E-Navigation
  • Maritime Planning and Vessel Traffic Data
  • Dynamic Risk Management
will be presented by the work package leaders.

The afternoon session on 21st September include presentations and a panel discussion with representatives from the project, from other Baltic Sea projects, and stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region, EU and beyond. 22nd September is dedicated to project workshops in the respective work packages. Management Board members will meet on 20th September and 22nd September.

For more detailed information, programme and registration advice, please visit, or go directly to the How to register to Staying Focused link.