Stakeholders’ meeting “Maritime Spatial Planning Perspectives in the Western Coast of Latvia” - EN

Pāvilosta, Latvia, 22nd October 2010

Baltic Environmental Forum organized a stakeholders’ meeting “Maritime Spatial Planning Perspectives in the Western Coast of Latvia”, which was part of the stakeholder involvement activities in pilot project on development of maritime spatial plan for the EEZ and territorial waters at the Western coast of Latvia in frame of the BaltSeaPlan project. The meeting was held in Pāvilosta, Latvia, on October 22, 2010.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss different sea uses, interests, possible conflicts and solutions in the pilot territory.

The main discussion topics were:
  • introduction to the BaltSeaPlan project implementation so far, current results, further tasks and activities;
  • overview on key economic sectors – their current situation and development perspectives;
  • information about the marine nature values;
  • sea uses and possible conflict situations – schematic display on the map;
  • discussions within working groups (using World café method) on possible solutions for cross-sectoral conflicts and balanced sea use.

The meeting was attended by 41 participants including representatives from ministries and other competent authorities in Latvia, representatives from local municipalities, ports and shipping sector, as well as representatives from tourism, fishery NGOs and other maritime stakeholder groups.

Outcomes of discussions within working groups were presented also in the BaltSeaPlan conference “Maritime Spatial Planning for a Sustainable Management of the Sea” in Stockholm.