Polish Route to the National Maritime Policy, Gdańsk, Poland

The Maritime Institute in Gdańsk kindly invites You to the international conference on the Polish Route to the National Maritime Policy (the Conference Agenda attached).

Poland is in the process of developing its Maritime Policy. The document “Assumptions for the Polish Maritime Policy until 2020” was developed in September 2009. The document defines the scope of the policy, its mission, priorities and the most important preconditions, and is the basis for developing the Polish National Maritime Policy by the Government. This policy shall implement the indications and recommendations of the “Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union” (Communication of the Commission COM(2007) 575).

The conference is planned to provide a holistic input of the scientific society and public administration into the process of developing the Polish National Maritime Policy. The most important problems and challenges are to be assessed and the inter-dependencies between sectors and branches using the sea are to be determined.

It is envisaged that the immediate deliverable of the conference will be a list of most important tasks related to sea use requiring the support of politicians and of public administration.

In a long term, the conference should define the importance and role of the national Maritime Policy with respect to stakeholders, especially local, regional and national levels of public administration, and should help to identify the expectations of the stakeholders. The conference aims also at cataloguing the Polish “maritime” interests with respect to the Cohesion Policy of the EU, since the Maritime Policy is becoming a part of the Cohesion Policy.

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