Western Coast of Latvia pilot project Coordination Group Meeting

Baltic Environmental Forum has formed a Coordination Group which will meet regularly to ensure the effectiveness of the MSP development and to supervise this process in the Western Coast of Latvia BaltSeaPlan project pilot. The group comprises of representatives from Ministry of the Regional Development and Local Government; Ministry of Transport; Ministry of Economics; Ministry of the Environment; Ministry of Agriculture and Riga planning region.

On the first Coordination Group meeting in Riga following issues will be discussed:
  • BaltSeaPlan project activities: analysis of Latvian policy documents; summary of data and information about the sea uses in the project pilot territory; former informative seminars;
  • Further project activities related to the MSP process in the pilot territory: MSP development, methodology and tasks in the pilot territory; further analysis of the commercial sea uses and possible support from the responsible institutions; organisation of thematic seminars for the relevant stakeholder group representatives (ports, wind park developers, local municipalities).