XXIII International Coastal Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia

On behalf of the «Sea Coasts» Working Group of the RAS Council on World Ocean and the Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU), the Organizing Committee would like to welcome you and your colleagues to XXIII International Coastal Conference «Coastal Evolution Studies: Traditions and Modern Concepts» devoted to the 100th anniversary of Prof. Vsevolod Zenkovich – the founder of the Russian scientific coastal school.

The purpose of the conference is to bring together national and international researchers for exchange of experience and ideas to ensure further progress in coastal science.

The participation of Prof. V. Zenkovich’s scholars, their followers and other experts in the conference will contribute to the sharing of the up-to-date information on coastal processes.

Main topics of the conference:
  1. Traditional and new studies on hydro-, morpho- and lithodynamics of the coastal zone;
  2. Coastal zone ecology, integrative aspects in coastal studies;
  3. Hydraulic engineering structures in the coastal zone of seas and natural and man-made lakes;
  4. Principles of sustainable development and new technologies in coastal studies. 

More infomation can be found on the conference website.