Linking Science and Management in the Baltic Sea Ecoregion

Copenhagen, Denmark, 9th-10th September 2009

The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA and the Baltic Nest Institute invites managers, scientists and other stakeholders with interests in environmental managements of ecosystems to an international conference on the management of the Baltic water and ecosystem quality.
The purpose of the meeting is to present and discuss state of the art science-based management from regulating land-use in the catchment areas, consequences for the water borne and atmospheric emissions to effects for fishery, environmental quality and economy for the entire Baltic Sea Region.

The conference will cover presentations of different analytical models, such as catchment simulation models, atmospheric transport models, ecological modelling of fish stocks and nutrient dynamics. In a separate session an attempt will be undertaken to link these ecological models with the economic ones, such as eg. cost-minimization models. The HELCOM 'NEST' model which provided the scientific foundation for the Baltic Sea Action Plan will also be discussed.

Registration to the Science and Management Conference 2009 can be made by telephone
(+45 3318 4818) or via IDA’s website.