Future Use of the Polish Maritime Areas

Gdynia, Poland, 21-22nd October 2009

Maritime Institute in Gdańsk kindly invites you to an international conference and workshop on 'Future Use of the Polish Maritime Areas for Economic and Ecological Purposes’ under the patronage of the Polish Ministry of Regional Development.

The conference will outline the future use of marine areas in a long time perspective in order to facilitate their wise management. Through presentation of possibilities that are yet not fully explored or not in use in Poland (though their successful implementations and economic/environmental benefits have been proved in other countries) the Maritime Institute wants to initiate a national discussion on how to efficiently plan an allocation of sea space and its resources to different users of maritime areas.

Following aspects will be in focus of the presentations and discussions:

  • marine energetics (including renewable energy e.g. wind, waves, bioenergy/biogas from marine plants, and innovative methods of storage and use of energy from the sea),
  • mariculture (fishes and other marine species),
  • development of ports and surrounding regions and environmental protection.
The goal is also to present existing practice in maritime spatial planning (MSP), which is considered to be the most efficient tool for resolving of conflicts between different sea users. Representatives from neighbouring countries are going to present their experiences in implementation of MSP.

A very comprehensive conference website provides all information and documentation of the meeting.